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KeepITWorking having a highly motivated and skilled project managers to manage all of your website, software development and mobile app development projects. we are having 10+ Project Managers with expertise in verious development languages and platforms like ASP .net, PHP, Visual Basics, C#, C++, JAVA.

Customized Project Management Softwares Development

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Project management is the way of managing change. Everything from the Olympics to organising a wedding can be considered a project. It describes the activities that meet specific objectives and can be used to introduce or improve new or existing products and services.

Scope - time, cost and quality

Projects need to be controlled to meet their objectives and deliver benefits. Objectives are defined in terms of expectations of time, cost and quality.

Time, cost and quality are called objectives or constraints. For example:

  • The project must be completed by January 2013 (time).
  • The project must not spend more than £500,000 (cost).
  • The project should create a searchable and informative website (quality).

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project management software features

Project management focuses on controlling the introduction of the desired change. This involves:

  • Help easily manage 50+ projects in one workspace.
  • Solve the email inbox chaos problem.
  • Boost team collaboration.
  • Save managers up to 25 hours a month.
  • Double team productivity.