Firewall Protection, Business Premices Network Monitoring, Email Server Security Services

KeepITWorking's managed security services protect you from internet attack, stopping unauthorized access and preventing worms, trojans, and viruses from taking down your network. Subscription-based services deliver both the technology and the round-the-clock expertise needed to protect your network.

Infrastracture Management & Network Security is where we initially started.

Network Security,Firewalls,Network Monitoring,Email Security,Routers,Network Planning, Design

As emerging technologies and the Internet are driving new business and communication opportunities at a rapid pace. Network infrastructure is the foundation enabling these opportunities for the business. Whether you are integrating new technology with legacy systems, upgrading hardware and software including routers, switches, servers etc in your network, performing bandwidth optimization or prioritizing network traffic, the challenge remains the same; balancing high performance and availability with reasonable costs.

At KeepITWorking we are committed to provide our customers with proficient technology and infrastructure services; all delivered with the highest quality workmanship, on time, and that optimizes the investment. We provide network consultancy assessment and guidance on the design, implementation, support and management of your network infrastructure. We provide unparalleled networking solutions and services including network monitoring and troubleshooting, network management, support, patching, 24x7x365 availability, to help minimize any downtime. We can provide services to organizations with simple, complex and distributed environments and networks. Our well-documented history of completing time- sensitive projects ahead of schedule and within budget has established us as a true leader.

Our success stems from our commitment to quality. Progressive continues to provide the support for growing needs of clients requiring specialized infrastructure for their voice, data, video, and business critical applications.

Our service offerings span the entire end-to-end lifecycle includes Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment. Our Service offerings are as under

Infrastructure Management

Network Security,Firewalls,Network Monitoring,Email Security,Routers,Network Planning, Design

We at keepitworking focus on providing effective management solutions to administer your company's Information Technology remotely.

Cloud Enablement solutions

Network Security,Firewalls,Network Monitoring,Email Security,Routers,Network Planning, Design

Cloud computing exposed with ultimate scalable solutions. We provide enablement services for deploying your own private cloud infrastructure.

E-mail Delivery Support

Network Security,Firewalls,Network Monitoring,Email Security,Routers,Network Planning, Design

We ensure your mass mail campaigns reaches the inbox of your customers by carefully analyzing and proactively monitoring the delivery reports.

Software development

Network Security,Firewalls,Network Monitoring,Email Security,Routers,Network Planning, Design

Keepitworking has a vibrant and creative team of experienced developers and designers focused on delivering quality software applications.

Key Benifits - IT Infrastracture, Networking in CA, USA

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Improved Service Levels & availability
  • Right solution from trusted, experienced network consultants
  • Efficient & optimum running of Network Infrastructure.
  • Refocus resources on core business
  • Improve internal processes and procedures
  • Improved network performance
  • Simplified Management